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Are you a dismantling company? Are you trying to sell spare parts from the cars you are recycling? Do you post dismantling ads on various platforms? Do you take pictures of the donor vehicle, write down its details in the description, and wait for inquiries? How are these inquiries made? Via email? Through the messaging service on the advertising platform? Do interested parties call? Or do interested parties also come directly to your location? All these four contact methods are used by customersSome more than others. The question is, 'Can you handle all these inquiries optimally?' We have identified some problems and tried to ensure with our service that you can handle all your inquiries as optimally as possible. Next, I will explain how our service works. Get ready for the ultimate solution at


You are a dismantling company and have vehicles on your premises from which you want to sell parts. First, you create these vehicles.


In 97% of cases, the vehicles are recognized by the vehicle identification number (VIN). If the VIN is not found in the database, you can find the donor vehicle using the parameter search. Now, you can enter additional data about the donor vehicle and upload pictures. After saving the vehicle, all OEM part numbers associated with that vehicle are scanned and stored in the background. This can take up to 10 minutes depending on the vehicle manufacturer. Start by creating all your donor vehicles.

Now the vehicles are listed and visible to customers, laying the foundation for optimal inquiry processing. For parts identification, we prefer searching with the vehicle identification number. As you know, searching with the VIN is the best method to find the exact right spare part.


Method 1: The customer browses the parts catalog with their VIN and finds the desired part. They now click on the ' post img Find Dismantling Company' icon. If the part number of the customer's spare part is identical to the part number of the part from your donor vehicle, your donor vehicle appears in the next window.

This is what the search result looks like. The customer can now sort the dismantling offers by 'distance' and 'newest first'. Sorting by 'only my vehicles' appears only when you are logged in with your dealer account. Now the customer can send you an inquiry via the speech bubble.


Once the customer sends you an inquiry, the message lands in your chat function. Here you initially receive information about the inquiry, such as the VIN of the customer's vehicle if provided.

You also receive the part number, exploded view, and a list of the parts from which the inquiry comes.

Additionally, it indicates in which of your donor vehicles this part is installed (if not deleted, see above).

If you have sold a part, you can delete it from the donor vehicle so that it no longer appears in the search results.

You can now communicate with your customer and complete the sale via the chat function.

Method 2, 3, or 4:

The customer has noticed your dismantling ad and calls you, comes over, or writes to you.

If the customer already has a part number, you can search for it in the dealer account and see if and in which of your donor vehicles this part is installed.

Or, if the customer provides their VIN, you can search in the catalog for the spare part, then go to 'Find Dismantling Company,' and filter by your vehicles.

This way, you can see if you have the part and in which of your donor vehicles it is installed.

What is the advantage of the solution from

Let's say you have created a VW POLO and want to market original VW spare parts online from this vehicle. The customer has a VW GOLF and searches online for the desired spare part in the VW parts catalog using their VIN. If the part number of the spare part matches the part number of the part from your donor vehicle VW POLO, your VW POLO will be displayed in the search results under 'Find Dismantling Company.' This ensures 100% accuracy, and you can offer the part from your donor vehicle.



Wishing you success from the Autohalle24 team.